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Application of Anti-corrosion Technology in Centrifuge

Consequence of anticorrosion failure to the centrifuge is catastrophic. It can cause loss of strength, resulting in burst,leakage,pollution,and even personal injury.Therefore the user should provide whose obtained physical&chemical data of the medium. So that the supplier can well choose&confirm the appropriate materials.

The suitable material or surface coating should be selected according to the physical&chemical data of the separated corrosion medium,concentration, temperature and other factors(sueh as impurity,PH value,air, flow or static)etc. so that meet the anticorrosion requirements.

Never ignore the corrosion protection requirements of sealing components. The seal material should ensure to prevent acid, alkali, solvent corrosion.

For mixed acids or mixtures of acids, salts, and solvents,it is possible to select materials that meet the requirements of anticorrosion with reference to proven application practices. In the absence of corresponding corrosion data,relevant corrosion coupon test and Iab validation shall be conducted to ensure that the material selection meets the requirements of corrosion protection.

When conducting the corrosion coupon test,the metal or coating material is immersed in the mother liquor of corrosion medium,the temperature,concentration and PH value of the mother liquor should be consistent with the actual working conditions. in order to ensure the simulation comparability of the test environment. But the coupon test can not reflect the stress corrosion and scour corrosion in the actual working condition of centrifuge. it should be paid attention when selecting materials.

The coupon test still need chemical composition&mechanical properties tests except external inspection. So that help supplier determine whether the material selection is appropriate.

To meet the anti-corrosion requirements(and ex-proof) is the first condition of centrifuge selection!








Metal material normally used in centrifuge:

Austenitic stainless steel: 304、321、316L

Duplex stainless steel: 2205、2507

Titanium material: TA1、TA2

Surface anticorrosive coating: HALAR、F40、F46、PFA; PE, Rubber Iiner