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Explosion-proof Tethnology of the Centrifuge

For the centrifuge to be used in space involving ex-proof requirements, the user shall select and order proper type/model of centrifuge depending on ex-proof configuration and measures so specified based on features of separation medium as well as its physical and chemical properties including corrosive medium and its concentration, temperature and other factors (e.g. impurity, PH value, with or without air, flowing or static

Meeting ex-proof requirements (and satisfying anti-corrosion specification) is the thing of first priority to consider while selecting the centrifuge of right model/type!


  • 获得介质特性和防爆要求
  • 氧含量安全范围计算
  • 建议防爆配置
  • 体积置换(高效对流式置换)
  • 流量检测与体积控制
  • 氧含量检测与控制
  • 采样气体冷凝除液+活性炭过滤
  • 氧含量检测
  • 内腔微压?;?/span>
  • 主轴轴封、刮刀轴封、布料轴封;轴封压力比内腔高20mbar;轴封排气有序排放


  • To obtain medium properties and ex-proof requirements
  • To calculate safe range of oxygen content
  • To propose ex-proof configuration
  • Volumeric displacement (high efficient convection displacement)
  • Flow detection and volume control
  • Oxygen content detection and control
  • Sampling air condensate removal and active carbon filtering
  • Oxygen content detection
  • Inner cavity micro-pressure protection
  • Main shaft sealing, scrapper shaft seal, distributor shaft seal: Shaft seal pressure is 20mbar higher than that of the inner cavity, organized venting of the shaft seal.